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Voice Over Services

Corporate. Commercial. E-Learning. Explainer. Documentary Narration.

From airlines to the automotive industry, software to sporting events, and charity to confectionery, I’ve voiced many commercial campaigns over the years and worked on numerous corporate, e-learning, and medical projects.

It’s important that your intended audience receives your message in the right way. By working with me, we will ensure that the tone of my voice is exactly right for your project.

I have a custom built home studio and am able to complete and send recordings in under 48 hours once an agreement is in place. I pride myself on providing a fantastic working experience and many of my clients return to book me again and again.

Corporate Voice Over

My corporate client list is diverse and extensive. I regularly work with Google, Facebook, GSK, Deloitte, HSBC, Nokia, Vodafone among many others. If you’re producing a video to launch a new product, announce a new service, or explain company policies to new recruits, I’d love to add your company’s name to my list.

Please find examples below to hear how my voice could help get your message across.

DoubleClick by Google

Google screenshot
Play Video about Google screenshot

Corporate for Google. 

Voiceover style; comedic, informative, energetic.

Nokia Cloud Wise Services

Nokia screenshot
Play Video about Nokia screenshot

Long term corporate campaign for Nokia.

Voiceover style; friendly, relatable, personal.

NIIT Finance digital services

NIIT screenshot
Play Video about NIIT screenshot

Corporate campaign for NIIT Technologies.

Voiceover style; engaging, educational, authoritative

Your next corporate video

If you need a friendly, approachable read for your next corporate project, I can help.

Commercial Voice Over

I have provided commercial voice overs for many well known brands including Lego, BMW, Indeed, Persil, Barclays, Amazon Prime, Tempur, Harpic and Wimbledon.

If you are creating a commercial to advertise on TV, radio, or online, below are some examples of what my voice could bring to your brand.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Commercial for Warner Bros Games. Voiceover style; cinematic, energised, exciting.

Announcement Trailer for Harvestella-Square Enix/Nintendo Switch

screenshot harvestella
Play Video about screenshot harvestella

Trailer for the release of the Harvestella video game. Voiceover style; warm, engaging, dramatic

BMW Financial Services

BMW screenshot
Play Video about BMW screenshot

Commercial for BMW. Voiceover style; Smooth, Gravitas, Direct.

Harpic Commercial

screenshot harpic
Play Video about screenshot harpic

TV Commercial. Voiceover style; Clear, friendly, engaging.

Persil Bio Liquid - TV advert

screenshot persil
Play Video about screenshot persil

TV Commercial. Voiceover style; personal, inspiring, upbeat

Tempur Mattress Glass Test

screenshot tempur
Play Video about screenshot tempur

Commercial for Tempur. Voiceover style; clear, relatable, comforting

Wimbledon 2022 Campaign

Play Video about screenshot wimbledon

Commercial for Wimbledon Centre Court Centenary. Voiceover style; dramatic, uplifting, emotional.

Kingston Technology commercial

screenshot kingston
Play Video about screenshot kingston

Commercial for Kingston Technology. Voiceover style; cinematic, engaging, professional.

Your next commercial project

If you need a warm, authoritative voice for your next commercial project, get in touch.

E-Learning and Explainer Voice Over

When teaching your employees or clients, it’s important that the information they need to learn is communicated in an engaging and informative way.

As an actor, I know how to hold an audience’s attention which makes my voice a natural choice for your next explainer video or e-learning project.

I have worked on e-learning projects for Honda, TeachFirst, Toyota, Lexus, GSK and more.

TeachFirst - leadership development explainer

teach screenshot
Play Video about teach screenshot

Explainer for Teach First. Voiceover style; friendly, upbeat, welcoming.

Your next explainer or e-learning project

For a knowledgeable, yet personable read please contact me.

Documentary Narration Voice Over

If you’re making a documentary and are looking to collaborate with an experienced voice artist to produce the right tone for the piece, please listen to my demo then get in touch to discuss how I can help.

Nyetimber English sparkling wine

screenshot nyetimber
Play Video about screenshot nyetimber

Corporate campaign for Nyetimber. Voiceover style; inviting, clear, grounded.

Your next documentary or narration project

If you are in need of an informative, engaging voice for your documentary, contact me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions?

If you have any questions about how you can work with me, please see my FAQs below or get in touch.


I follow Equity guidelines for my BSF (Basic Studio Fee) which can be negotiated on a project by project basis. E-learning is the exception and is usually charged by the word. Please email me with details of your project to get a quote.

I am generally able to provide the recording in 24-48 hours, but clarification on timeframe will be given when I quote for the project.

Please fill out the contact form or email me and we will find a time that suits all parties involved.

Clients usually provide the script, however I can assist with script writing and editing, as well as supervising or directing if needed. Please contact me for more information.

Absolutely, I have a broadcast quality studio. I can connect worldwide via Source Connect, ISDN, Cleanfeed, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or a software of your preference. I always encourage the option of live direction from the client as, from experience, it’s a more successful and efficient process overall, however I am able to self-direct if preferred.

I am always happy to correct small mistakes. If there are script changes from the client that are minimal, e.g. a word or two, we can come to an agreement to update the original work. If it’s a significant amount of text or a complete overhaul of the original script, however, it will be quoted as a new project and a fresh BSF (Basic Studio Fee) will apply.

I would be very happy to record a short sample demo for free so you can see how my voice would work with your project. Get in touch to request a sample.

Bank transfer (BACS) details will be on my invoice. If you prefer to use another method of payment, please confirm this prior to recording so that we can reach an agreement.

Once I have finished recording, I will send you the files in whatever format you need via WeTransfer, Dropbox, email or a process of your preference.

Included in your quote will be a usage fee. This will grant you the use of my voice for a set period of time and will take into account whether it will be used internally or externally and, if externally, what the reach will be. For example, a national TV Advert that runs for a year will have a wider reach than a Local Radio Advert that runs for six weeks. I will be happy to discuss this further when quoting should you have any questions.

Thank you for getting in touch!

I’ve got your message and will reply as soon as possible.

Here are other ways you can contact me: